Modern Slavery Act & Ethical Policies


This is the Modern Slavery Transparency Statment of Gourmet Burger Kitchen Limited (GBK) for the financial year ending 28th Feb 2017. This statement is made pursuant to s.54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

Slavery and human trafficking remains a blight on our global society. We all have a responsibility to be alert to the risk in our business and in the wider supply chain. Staff are expected to report concerns and management are expected to act upon them. We are committed to acting ethically and with integrity in all our business dealings and relationships.

GBK recognises that Modern Slavery is not an issue confined to the overseas hospitality sector. In particular, we recognise the risks that arise from the use of foreign and migrants labour, and from supply chains both in the UK and overseas.


Gourmet Burger Kitchen is a premium burger restaurant chain, established in 2001 with 88 restaurants across the UK employing 1900 people.

The group has an annual turnover in excess of £36m.

Our supply chains include the sourcing of raw materials related to the provision of food and drink and goods and services not for re-sale. We work with trusted suppliers, with most of our products being sourced in the UK.


Gourmet Burger Kitchen's gender pay report 2017 can found here:


In the financial year, the existing policies and procedures of GBK which would assist in combatting Modern Slavery including; checks and verification in respect of migrant workers; a whistleblowing policy that encouraged reports from staff of unethical conduct; and a central register of recruitment agents and supplier contracts.

In the coming year, GBK intends to take additional steps including:

Asking key suppliers to provide evidence of their ethical trading credentials

Documenting our ethical sourcing policy

provide our key suppliers and recruitment agencies with a copy of the above

This statement was approved by the Board of Gourmet Burger Kitchen and will be reviewed and updated annually.

Derrian Nadauld

Managing Director Gourmet Burger Kitchen

April 2018