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(n) Contains nuts or nut oils. Although all other products do not contain nuts as an ingredient, there is a possibility that traces of nuts may still be found in them. *Our panko bread-crumbed chicken is Halal. Smaller beef burger cooked well done, all other beef patties are cooked medium unless specifically requested. © Gourmet Burger Kitchen Limited, 2010
**gbk have set up a charitable trust account with the Charities Aid Foundation (‘CAF’) in order to receive the voluntary contributions made by gbk customers in support of the ‘Whakatane Kiwi Trust’. CAF is a registered UK charity which facilitates charitable giving (Registered Charity Number 268369). The contributions made by our customers will be paid to the said charitable trust account held at CAF and at least 98% of monies received into that account will be paid directly to ‘Whakatane Kiwi Trust’.

Copyright gourmet burger kitchen limited 2009

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